April Writers’ Retreat – Gilcrux

It’s April 26th, 2019 which means that tomorrow we will open our doors to the writers who have booked onto the weekend retreat. We are bursting at the seams, which is great news, with a variety of writers of different ages, writing different genres arriving. We are all set up and ready for lift off. […]

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New Year – Get Writing for 2019

It’s the New Year and time to get motivated for 2019 with your writing goal. As every writer knows, it’s easy to procrastinate and put off writing for a whole variety of reasons: I’m too busy, the dog needs walking, the house needs cleaning, I can’t think of what to write, ad-infinitum. So, here are […]

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Marketing your Book

If you want to be a success as a writer of books, you need to become a bit of an expert in marketing. Even if you are published in the traditional way, many book publishers still expect their authors to promote their own works. As a self-published author, you actually have no choice. If you […]

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Writing – Quick Inspiration

Often the worst part of writing is getting started, the actual process of putting fingers to keyboard or pen to paper and committing to writing something. Once we know what we’re going to write about, the process is much easier, we have a starting point and that leap into the unknown is less, well, unknown. […]

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Extra Free Retreat Session – Promoting your Book

Our April 2019 writer’s retreat will include an optional session on promoting your self-published book. Self promotion is probably the most difficult part of producing a novel or non-fiction book. There’s plenty of ideas out there on the internet for how to approach book promotion, but how many really, actually work? Our evening session on […]

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The Jumper – A Short Story

The Jumper By Jan Birley Gordon stands, perfectly balanced, looking straight out and over the night city skyline. He doesn’t need to look down to get a feel for the thirty floors beneath him. Although the offices are now closed, a glow from the windows still breaks out in the dark rainy evening. He shuffles […]