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Short Story – Finding Inspiration

So, you need to write a 1000-word short story. Where do you start when you’re struggling for inspiration? Here’s some quick ideas…

  • Your main character witnesses a death
  • Your main character finds a dead body
  • An unexpected phone call sends your main character into a spin
  • Your story centres around a scar (physical or psychological)
  • An affair splits your main character from his/her spouse
  • At a party, your character is intrigued by a mysterious person
  • Your main character is on a journey that is struck by disaster
  • Babysitter finds something disturbing in the house she’s sitting at
  • Your main character sees something unusual through a window as they pass by
  • It’s a big get together for a group of old school friends but your main character’s partner often drinks too much and let’s his/her mouth run free
  • Your main character is in love with his/her best friend
  • Your main character, normally a respectable person, is caught shoplifting
  • A package arrives in the post, addressed to your main character’s partner but he/she opens it and is shocked by what they find

Get those creative juices flowing and get writing!