Writers' retreat uk cottage

What Happens on a Writers’ Retreat UK Retreat?

Have you wondered what actually happens on a non-tutored retreat? Well, it’s simple. You write and then you write some more. Our April retreat is a larger one with up to 8 writers so there’s great company available, too.

Breakfast is served between 7 and 9 in the morning, with a great range of hot and cold options – eat your fill to stimulate those writing juices. We also cater for specialised dietary requirements, provided we know in advance. It’s then on to writing. If you prefer to write in solitude, your room offers a comfortable space to write in. If you like a little bit of gentle bustle going on in the background, you can choose to write in one of our shared writing areas or you can mix and match to suit your mood.

Lunch is served as a buffet, again with lovely hot and cold options, between 12 and 2. It’s important that we keep you hydrated and full of energy so we will top you up with snacks, tea, coffee, juice, smoothies in the morning and afternoon as and when you need them.

When writing intensively, like this, it can be taxing on your brain and you will need a little down time. We schedule a daily walk so you can be sure of some refreshing air and exercise. If you want a break from writing, we have a quiet room, where you can sit with a book or just have some reflection time and we have a second comfy room for those that prefer a bit of company or TV. Or, you might prefer a game of pool or darts in the games room, or watch a movie in our cinema room. There’s a pub right next door, too.

Evening meal is served as a group. We aim to sit down to a hot 2-course dinner, with some wine, around 7ish although we modify this to suit the group.

We offer guided discussions on an evening, too, such as, marketing for self-publishers, editing. If you want to sound out thoughts, we’re here to listen and help stimulate ideas.

When you spend a few days with us, we are there to ensure you can concentrate on your writing and, at the same time, have a great & relaxing break, making new contacts and friends along the way.

Whether you are a poet, fiction, non-fiction, novel, short story writer, you are very welcome. Remember, our April retreat comes with a 100% FULL MONEY BACK guarantee.

For more information, please contact: jan.birley@principus-studios.com.