Publishing Services

Publishing Services

As authors, our job is to write our masterpieces, not design covers, format pages and find printers. Amazon makes it relatively easy to sell self-published works as both ebooks and paperbacks, but this method of print-on-demand is expensive and leaves the author, in many cases, receiving only a small percentage of the sale price.

A great opportunity for self-published authors is to sell their books in local stockists. To do that, though, there needs to be a commitment to buying a stock of printed books. Here at Writers’ Retreat UK, we recognise these hurdles faced by authors who don’t go the traditional publishing route and have put together a very affordable set of options for our members.  We have sourced the best in terms of editing services, book printing, cover design and formatting, along with the opportunity to publish your book under an imprint with an ISBN and these are made available through our members-only area, at cost price – we don’t add on anything, if you choose to explore these yourself.

As our aim is to provide the best, in terms of writing retreats, online courses along with additional tools and resources. Where we can add value to our service, we will, at little or no additional cost.

All writers who attend one of our retreats get a free annual membership. All writers who join our members-only subscription site, directly, get great discounts on our retreats. All get the the same great benefits.

Thinking about joining or attending a retreat but are not quite sure if it’s right for you? Call 07957 466630 for an informal chat.  We’d love to hear from you.