Writers Retreat UK Welcome Webinar

Coming soon…

Here at Writers’ Retreat UK, our primary aim to provide a range of tools, techniques and resources that will really benefit our writing community. Our members-only site has some great content and our roadmap for further development will deliver much more great content. Interactive content, though, offers a different kind of engagement and we are keen that offer a wide spread of useful content that will help our members get the most out of their writing time.

Writers’ Retreat UK is introducing a series of webinars and interactive content over the coming months. We plan to get started with a welcome webinar by Dr Jan Birley on Tuesday 10th March, to outline what is coming.

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Subscription members of our members-only site get access to all of the current areas. ¬†Writers’ who have joined one of our retreats, also get access to our members-only site on a goodwill basis as a thank you for joining us.

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