Sally Rivers NLP for writers

First NLP Webinar

Today saw our very first NLP session for writers, with NLP Practitioner, Sally Rivers. Sally is a vocal coach, who has worked with a huge list of stars, and combines NLP with her coaching to give stunning results.

Writers’ Retreat UK has teamed up with Sally to deliver a series of webinar-based workshops focussing on different aspects of writing to help our authors get the best out of their writing and related activities. Positivity, channeled in the right way has much to offer writers working in what can be a very isolating activity that can often be fraught with negativity, such as, block and rejections.

This first webinar gave an overview of NLP and how it might be used to help writers to achieve much, much more.

Future sessions will focus on specific writer problems, such as, writer’s block, and how we can use NLP to overcome them.

Our webinars are normally a members-only feature but, during this current crisis that has hit worldwide, we are making all of our webinars free of charge until we get back to some kind of normality. For our current subscribing members, we will extend their membership by a year, free of charge, so they don’t lose out.

If you missed this evening’s session, you can replay the full webinar here:

Sally Rivers – NLP for Writers, Session #1