Sally Rivers NLP for writers

First NLP Webinar

Today saw our very first NLP session for writers, with NLP Practitioner, Sally Rivers. Sally is a vocal coach, who has worked with a huge list of stars, and combines NLP with her coaching to give stunning results. Writers’ Retreat UK has teamed up with Sally to deliver a series of webinar-based workshops focussing on…Continue reading First NLP Webinar

Interview with Industry Editor, Danielle Wrate

Having a great editor in your corner is a key step to success, especially for the self-published author who doesn’t have an agent or publisher to work on book development beyond the first drafts. Writers’ Retreat UK caught up with Danielle Wrate, a highly experienced editor who is the Founder of London-based Wrate’s Editing Services.…Continue reading Interview with Industry Editor, Danielle Wrate