Short Story Competition – Winning Story

The Skin of the Dark By James Rickards Izal medicated toilet paper. Furry dice. Liebfraumilch. People who still think it’s witty to write ‘I wasted 90 minutes of my life watching this, and I’ll never get it back’ on film forums. Multi-centenarian Derek The Tangerine Baboon Derekson, luminous on daytime TV, surveying antique knick-knacks with…Continue reading Short Story Competition – Winning Story

September Retreat

Last week saw our first retreat since lockdown began. Our writers arrived to lovely welcome packs in our new, reusable cotton tote bags with another new addition, mini whiteboards, marker and eraser for quick notes and exploring creative ideas. They went down very well! Food was home-cooked across three meals a day, with our additional…Continue reading September Retreat