Romance writing troubleshooting workshop – 2nd December




Whether you’re writing romance novels because you have a passionate nature, or you want to tap into a lucrative literature market, this workshop is designed to iron out all your plot holes, and reduce any potential ‘ick’ factor. We’ll ensure your novel isn’t just ready for publication, but also that it’s primed to receive the best possible reviews from its discerning readers. Guided by award-winning writer and editor, Sara Bodinar, we’ll look at whatever’s been bothering you about your prose, with a view to getting your novel ready for market. During this workshop we can help you:

• Fix plot problems
• Identify slow sections and help you add suspense
• Develop your characters more fully as well improve the chemistry between them
• Support you writing high emotion / sex scenes
• Make new romance-writing friends and have a fun time collaborating

The workshop will run from 10am-5pm and includes lunch. It’s an opportunity to polish or finish a novel, or section of your novel, and help you move forwards.